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Beware of inferior "Knock-offs"- Our World Famous Kiddie Bumper Boats™ are the Original Bumper Boat, Lead Free and made in the USA.

World Famous Kiddie Bumper Boats™ are the original Bumper Boats Designed and built for the Amusement Industry since 1979.

We ship world wide and have satisfied customers in over 100 countries. When purchasing Kiddie Bumper Boats, be sure you're buying a reliable well build product, not some copy cat! Our worldwide warranty, consists of a full 5 year on construction of boat and pool, and one year on movable parts of boat.

Buy direct from the manufacturer: World Famous Kiddie Bumper Boats™. We are senior members of IAAPA, OABA, NEAPPA, IISF and award winners of Kiddie Amusement ride.

Call us today for more information: 800.446.1052

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